At Last, a Proven Path to Awakening Your True Nature as the Powerful Intuitive Creator of Your Deepest Desires Without Fear, Overwhelm, Doubt and Procrastination

Find Your Place of Awakening and Belonging in
Sanctuary of Light
by Sisters for a New World

Uncover Your Sacred Feminine Codes To Effortlessly Create a Life You Love
(Including rapid neuroscience backed processes and powerful intuitive teachings missing from all other programs!)

Everything You Need to Finally Overcome Your Limits and Become A Master at Manifesting Your Dreams!

  • Sick of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?

  • Tired of not living your purpose (or perhaps you don't yet know what that could be)?

  • Aware of the fears, traumas and beliefs keeping you stuck but whatever you try, they remain?

  • Feeling alone and like you don't belong?

  • Wishing you could wave a magic wand?

If you answered "yes that's me!"

It's likely that you've spent years looking for ways to heal from your past and you've spent loads of money on numerous therapeutic and personal development programs. Right?

And yet still you find yourself feeling broken and disenchanted, far from achieving the success, abundance or love you crave?

we have all been in your shoes

That's why at Sisters for a New World we help women just like you to transcend their past, awaken their true potential and create absolute magic across all areas of life.

Collectively, we’ve shown hundreds of women how to quickly overcome limitations without wasting time, money and energy making little progress.

As intuitives, coaches, practitioners and facilitators we have manifested financial abundance, new relationships, passion projects and business success (and much, much more!) for ourselves, and we help our clients, from all walks of life, to do the same.

And now we circle together to show you how to do the same!

Join our exclusive online group program
Sanctuary of Light
to immerse in the magic!

Follow Our Blueprint to Shining Your Light and You’ll Hardly Recognise The Life You Create!

Becoming a powerful creator of your life is easier than you think. Because you are already incredibly intuitive!!

You just simply have not been taught how to be fluent in your intuition or shown that you are a limitless, powerful creator.

Rather, we have all been conditioned that being psychic is unsafe or crazy, and that miracles are just luck or happenstance. This means most people avoid "waking up" to their innate potential to receive and interpret intuitive information and go for what they truly want.

On top of that, we have been taught to focus on what is wrong with our current circumstances (our "problems") and find a solution using our rational mind.

Instead, we must shift our focus away from the "problem" with the now, stop seeing the future as "better" (as a "solution") and regarding ourselves as "broken".

We must shift our orientation towards our desired reality, rewire what stops us from having it now (all that conditioning, including unconscious survival patterns such as "it's not safe to have that"), lift our frequency to that which we desire and watch the magic happen as we take the obvious intuitive action and "be it to see it".

And the good news is...

We’ve done all the hard work for you, so all you need to do is follow our step-by-step neuroscience backed blueprint and you’ll quickly overcome those blocks to taking action and start achieving extraordinary results.

Also, when you join our program, you will have much more fun healing your past and manifesting your dreams than you would ever have on your own or in therapy! You will be among your tribe, no longer isolated and feeling that you don't belong.

We are your Sisters, and together we are changing the world for the better, one life at a time. Come join us!

Millions of Women Will Never Unleash Their Intuitive Prowess Without The Right Help

Most people never reach their ultimate dream in life, let alone multiple dreams. It’s not their fault, they just haven’t been taught how to use our intuition to consciously create what we desire.

Because of the likes of cultural conditioning, caregiver roles, generational trauma and living in the dominant masculine paradigm, women are much less likely than our brothers to achieve significant success, such as financial freedom, high level leadership positions and property portfolios.

It no longer has to be this way.

Women truly can have it all.

Sister, this is your time to shine, to express your truth and to enjoy powerfully creating abundance across all areas of your life.

As Sisters for a New World, we will show you exactly what we did to reach our financial, career, health, relationship and just-for-fun dreams and how our clients have too, using the same groundbreaking strategies.

Join our Sanctuary of Light today to see how you can achieve a similar result, and do it much faster than you ever thought was possible, all in a loving community of heart-aligned women from around the world.

What You'll Receive In Your Sanctuary of Light Membership...

  • Transformational Live Sessions Twice A Week

    Join up to live sessions each week with our incredible coaches and facilitators: one is our Women's Circle coaching call and the other is an All Gender Superconscious Process call

  • Proven Creator Codes To Manifest Magic

    We’ll teach you the revolutionary strategies we’ve used consistently to achieve anything from financial freedom to true love partnerships and business success for ourselves and for hundreds of clients globally

  • Rewire Your Brain

    You'll discover the core truths behind the unconscious blocks that have been keeping you stuck, hidden and fearful, and rewire them using revolutionary Superconscious processes such as the Rapid Recode

  • Awaken Your Intuition

    We will teach you how to become fluent in your intuition such that ideas flow, decisions become easy to make and action will be effortless. You'll be in awe at the miracles you co-create with the Universe

  • Be Part of Something Bigger Than Ourselves

    Sisters for a New World is a place of community, of belonging, of finally knowing that you are not alone in your awakening journey. Together we are birthing a new era for humanity while healing the earth and creating a dream life for ourselves, our loved ones and for future generations. Here you will find your purpose, be loved and witnessed for who you are and have enormous fun making friendships for life.

Save Yourself Years Of Costly Therapy and Personal Development Courses by Using Our Blueprint To Consciously Creating Whatever You Desire

Have you spent years and thousands of dollars struggling along, trying to heal from your past and create a better life for yourself and your loved ones?

Save your precious time, energy and money and instead get extraordinary results fast with our expert training and secret blueprint to creating your wildest dreams.

Sanctuary of Light membership is both a deeply sacred journey and a fast way to free you from your past, allowing you to shine your authentic light and transform your health, relationships, finances, career and so much more....

Are you ready to manifest all that you desire?

  • Purpose

  • Financial Freedom

  • Loving Relationships

  • Career Achievements

  • Business Success

  • Global Travel

  • Health and Vitality

  • Arts, Writing or Music

  • Philanthropy

  • Inner Peace

  • Feeling at One With The All

  • And so much more....

Then join Sanctuary of Light at our special
pre-launch price today, this offer won't last long!

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say About Us...


"This experience has completely blown my mind. The shifts I've noticed within myself in this short time makes my heart feel so full of gratitude and excitement for the continued movement forward. I feel very blessed!"
Anita, AU


"My coach expertly unpacked the underlying issues, old beliefs and patterns from my past and then guided me through a powerful recode to release this resistance enabling me to take the next steps towards my desired reality with ease."
Emma, UK

Your 12 Month Membership
Only $1,557 USD

(Valued at $8,000 USD)

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Sister, we are so excited to launch
Sanctuary of Light that
we are offering you, as a founding member a very special, extremely time limited,
pre-launch price of either

$599 USD a year

$19 USD a week
(payment plan option totals $912 a year)

With your Sanctuary of Light membership,
you will receive...

  • 12 months of transformational content (2 sessions a week led by our experts) with engaging teachings and alchemical processes on topics such as:

    awakening your intuition

    ancestral healing

    superconscious recode

    parts integration

    true choices

    creative orientation

    structural tension

    divine feminine rising

    Goddess archetypes

    sacred geometry

    masculine/feminine synergy

    family entanglements

    Plus a focus on manifesting the likes of

    radiant health

    financial abundance

    true purpose

    loving relationships ...

    ... and so much more!!

  • Early access to exclusive virtual courses

  • VIP invitations to immersive in-person events such as our luxury retreats


  • As a founding member you will receive a bundle of bonuses, created with love by our experts, worth upwards of $2,000 USD. These include audio meditations, training courses and ritual guides.


  • Wednesdays 9:30 am Sydney AU (Tuesdays USA/EU) for our All Genders Superconscious process call

  • Sundays 9:30 am Sydney AU (Saturdays USA/EU) for our Women's Circle coaching call

  • We recommend attending at least one live per week, replays available to watch in your own time.

Please be aware that our sanctuary is only for women who are serious about awakening their inner Goddess to consciously create their lives. It is not therapy nor is it personal development. It is creative development where you are responsible for your own healing and expansion.

We encourage our Brothers, indeed all gender identities, to support us and to evolve, as we are, into being true Light workers with inner synergy, allowing for potent collaboration with us.

Please reach out if you are a male or other gender identity wanting to join our mission, we now have our Brother program Superconscious Men

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

When you join a program, such as Sanctuary of Light, at Sisters for a New World, you can invest with confidence because you’ll always be covered by our money back guarantee. In the unlikely event that you don't like what you purchased within 7 days, we’ll refund every cent you’ve invested with us.

Places at these prices are strictly limited. Enter your details above now to avoid disappointment and secure your place!! We cannot wait to welcome you to the family!

Who Are Sisters for a New World?

Sisters for a New World is a global change movement for a more harmonious world.

Together as women we Rise into our Divine Feminine
leadership while integrating our shadows and awakening the Sacred Masculine within. Thereby we inspire and teach others to do the same, creating ripple effects and shifting away from the toxic masculine paradigm.

We respect and learn from First Nations voices and hearts, we cherish nature and we awaken our intuition. We live as powerful creators of our purposeful, lives we love, while educating our children in new ways and by bringing back the old.

We create eco-communities, implement sustainable practices and provide sacred spaces for transformation and creativity.

Together we are alchemists. We are love. We are light.

Sanctuary of Light is the first of our programs as we spread our wings and take flight.

Your Loving Sisters...

While this movement was foundered by Arwen Dyer following years, indeed lifetimes, of being called to reunite her Sisters to awaken Humankind, it is being birthed collectively.

Each of our Sisters was selected and invited as guided by Arwen's intuition, having been brought together in divine timing, with all the synchronous magic one experiences when living or rising into their intuitive creative powers.

We each contribute to our collective a unique set of skills, knowledge, attributes and sacred feminine codes sharing a common thread: a deep call to heal the planet and its peoples by working together to shift the collective consciousness one life at a time.

This starts with empowering women to be the creatrix's we were born to be.

Be Guided By Our Incredibly Gifted And Highly Trained Facilitators, Educators and Practitioners in Sanctuary of Light.

Each of us have transcended many traumas and challenges, and as we Rise further, we will hold your hand while you Transform.

While we are a wide circle of over 20 women, your group facilitators are:

Arwen Dyer
Founder, C.E.O., Coach, Therapist & Writer

Nicole Wade
Coach, Educator & Parenting Specialist

Dreon Olivetti
Educator, Artist & Artifact Creation & Collection Curator

Natalie Lewis
First Nations Advisor & Facilitator

Tracy Reifferschied

Magic Maker Coach & Facilitator

Christine La Bonte
Awakening Guide, Facilitator & Energy Worker

Kendra Weech
Coach, Licensed Financial Broker & Massage Therapist

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We acknowledge and pay our respects to the Traditional Custodians, the palawa people, of lutruwita (Tasmania, Australia) and all original and lawful custodians of the lands on which we meet.